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Making my relationships whole again

One day while flipping through channels I came across an episode on Oprah and the topic of discussion was past life regression. As I got absorbed into one particular story of a woman who died in a car crash while her baby cried in the car seat, I began to wonder how this was going to heal the women of today, if certain events took place in another life – how could she possibly get over a fear or habit now? This women was afraid of dolls and associated dolls with her crying children from her past life, she brought her fears into her current life.

I was intrigued and curious and needed to know more! That is when I started researching, surely there was someone close by who could help answer some questions or put my curiosity to rest, and that is when I came across the glorious name…Leanne Pillay – the women who would help me change my point of view; learn to love myself and others ; the person I needed to change my life!

My first appointment with Leanne was a huge success. Upon meeting her I instantly felt comfortable – like I was meeting an old friend after a very long time. I was bursting with curiosity. We first talked a bit and naturally specific issues about my current relationship came up. She suggested we concentrate on those issues and whatever comes up, will come up, and so it did.

Leanne put in a relaxed meditative state, with guided meditation. My mind because clear and calmer listening to her voice. She guided me down a flight of stairs, and from there I had to take a step forward and explain what I saw.

I was a little girl in a white dress running around in the garden, I saw my father who had horses and was a hard worker - I recognized my father then as my older brother now. In my past life my mother had died when I was a baby, which was the same in my current life. I went through this entire life from childhood to death. I saw my past life husband as my current life husband. I saw my past life two daughters as my current life sister and niece. The most moving part of my regression was when I gave birth to my first child, a boy. He was beautiful; but he was stillborn, I could smell the blood, I could feel him in my hands, I could feel the pain of losing a child and the heartache that came with it. It made me realise why I am so possessive of my things and family. I feel that pain in the pit of my being and it was exactly the same as when I lost my child in the regression.

Leanne has helped me immensely with current issues in my life. She is willing to go the extra mile, always staying in touch, always returning messages. I have been back several times to see Leann since my first PLR with her and I continue to keep in touch with her. Her life coaching is very valuable to me and I would like to thank her for helping, teaching and encouraging me to learn from the past and be a better person by breaking the cycles.

Your biggest fan


Hi Leanne

I want to extend a very big thank you for changing me through Regression.

I have been battling with asthma for the past 20 or so  years.
Leanne helped me explore a past life that related to my asthma. I used to be a person that used to take my Astivent Pump 4 to 5 times a day. It is now more than two(2) months that I haven't taken my Pump thanks to the Past Life Regression .

Kind regards,

Algesan Adderly Govender

Dear Leanne

I was never sure if I believed that things like Hypnosis and guided regression could help solve personal problems, or could aid a person in bringing clarity and a sense of peace about whom he/she was, is, and will be. I hoped it would have a positive effect, especially since I, like many of us, am currently dealing with difficult changes

Thank you so much Leanne, for helping me to remember and experience the difficult relationships in my past lives.  Healing those old wounds and remembering the strength I possessed in those lives, and then realizing the strength I possess now, has changed my life.  I am no longer concerned with what anyone thinks of me.  I live life for myself. I am more sure of myself. I know who I am now.

My regression session with you was one of the best, most enlightening experiences in my whole life. I can’t thank you enough for helping me make sense of my difficulties.  


Audrey Moonsamy


Thank you for the PLR session you conducted for me last year, it was so uplifting & changed my outlook on my dreams & de-ja-vu experiences I had been having, & still do, but now see in a new light.   I have found that it helped in many ways; explaining fears that were once unrelatable! As well as the realistic persistent dreams which were in a sense related & since gone.   The session assisted with unanswered questions, and I was able to cut ties that bound me to those lives, helping me move forward, to work on my mission in this life.

Lee you were exceptional and very caring.   Thank you. I look forward to future work with you.

Fond regards, S.

To whom it may concern

I recently sought help from Leanne for the following:

Past Life Regression relating to issues with:

My Mother(including her emigrating to another country)

My Mother’s Partner

On conclusion of this wonderful session with Leanne my experiences were as follows:

Leanne made me feel very relaxed and created a non-threatening environment. She was also very professional at all times

My relationship with my Mother changed almost immediately

My anxiety was replaced by a feeling of calmness and relaxation

My Mother also seemed so much calmer and more open towards me. We now enjoy a lovely open friendship

My Mother’s partner’s issues also disappeared...especially now that he has joined her in their newly adopted country!

Leanne has continued to stay in touch to offer support and to ensure that I am feeling ok...she is always open to answering any further questions that I may have.

I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Leanne to anyone seeking this type of assistance

Warm wishes

Cindy Mills


Hi Leanne

After my husband passed away I was grief stricken, angry, full of hatred, very depressed, lifeless and guilt ridden. After my consultations with Leanne I gradually let go off my grief, guilt, and depression so much that I am now attending Sunday prayer service, sewed some items for hospice fete and looking after my flower garden. Thank you Leanne for your love, care, divine inspiration and motivation to lead a full life again.


P Marimuthu

After being diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety my therapist recommended that I try Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help me overcome the vicious cycle that I was trapped in. At first I was sceptical but after my first session, I knew that it would change my life forever. Leanne Pillay helped me understand the source of my depression and anxiety and gave me my confidence back.

Her professional approach and motivating demeanour helped me tremendously. I felt a change after my first session. I noticed that my outlook on life became more positive and very soon I was back to my old self again but I had made constructive changes through Leanne’s intervention. I would recommend NLP to all people who need to re-evaluate their lives and hope to make positive changes. I would also recommend Leanne Pillay purely because of her ability to heal and transform.



HI Leanne

I have found that the NLP course that I did with you has been really beneficial to me. The course helped me remove the negative emotions that prevented my progression, and replaced them with positive attitudes. This has resulted in a much more focused and tolerant Dave, who is more confident and positive.

Noteworthy is how mild the odd outburst of emotion has become, and how quickly the feeling subsides to a more factual recount of the reason for the frustration in the first place.

The new Driver Focus Filter seems to be taking hold and I feel that this gives me more strength of purpose and direction. I look forward to creating many new mutually beneficial relationships with my colleagues and I also feel that current relationships have improved overall.

Whilst the process of NLP was not that easily understood at first, I feel that the results are instant and easily recognizable.

Kind Regards


Hi Leanne.

Before going to Leanne I was in a bad place. i was extremely shy and unconfident and I worried so much about what other people thought  of me instead of what I thought of myself. This was prohibiting me from doing many things in my life. After going through this  process  with Leanne I am now more confident in myself then I have ever been and I am able to get out there and do things I wasn't  able to do in the past.



My journey in life was a disturbing one , having hurt the people I love the most .My emotions played a greater part of my life . It controlled everything .I was once a person (Ticking time bomb ), No one would want to mess around with me , eg my family and friends .My kids and my family had to see me get into fights   and even get locked up , I should not think anything of it or the fact that I was doing wrong , but that changed for the best , when my wife (Alvina )got me help “Life Coaching “ to deal with my anger , So I went for my sessions and it has done wonders in my life , changing me , guiding me through life , it thought me how to love my life and be grateful for every simple thing in this world and to get rid of that baggage that I carried for years .I feel more positive and relaxed than ever before , this has really changed my entire life , this has made me a better father and husband , and I am more sociable .A big thank you to my life coach Lee-anne i really appreciate everything you have done for me. God bless


G Paul .

Dear Lee

For many years I felt that there was something missing, I felt a void and emptiness in my life. I started to doubt myself and started believing that I was not good enough. I then became someone that I was not. My relationships with family and friends were strained and I just gave up on life.

Last year I moved back to Durban, when I loved back my mum suggested that I meet with leeann and see how she can help me. A year later and I'm so glad that I did. My sessions with her was amazing. After every session, I started feeling alive again; feeling like this void inside was closing. Soon after I wrote my exams and passed all subjects.

A year later and   I have gained my self confidence back, I lost 10kgs now, my career has improved. I have a job that I love, but most important my relationships with my family is where it was. I feel happy and while I have some days that I do feel a little lonely, I have the patience to know that all good things will come with time.

I big thank u to Lee for taking me through this incredible journey and transformation, my life is truly better because of u.